Leadership and Executive Development Programs

The need for strong leadership has never been greater.  Leaders face unprecedented demands to produce results, often on a global stage. ICS works with clients to build the leadership capacity of current leaders as well as the leaders of tomorrow, creating “bench strength”.   This includes:

  • Clarifying the key leadership competencies and skills necessary for achieving vision and goals
  • Identifying leadership development components that will best meet critical needs, including 360 feedback, action learning, onsite and virtual learning activities, mentoring and “ideas into action” application
  • Aligning components to ensure overall system support and success
  • Assessing  and evaluating progress to ensure continuous improvement



Developing leaders need a realistic and accurate assessment of current skills and competencies, so that they can develop and implement effective plans to build on strengths and manage limitations.   ICS provides a variety of tools for this purpose, including validated 360 degree feedback instruments, leadership and behavioral style surveys and conflict style assessments, as well as customized management surveys.  With ICS support, clients can develop and support strong leaders capable of implementing change and building a high performance work environment.